Thanksgiving Thoughts

M Squared alumni may remember this message, since I was often asked to repeat it year after year.

When my son, Kevin, was in 1st grade, his class made a quilt of all of the boys’ notes explaining the things for which they were thankful.  Looking at the 20 scrawled missives, its amazing how many of the boys were thankful for vegetables. The funniest was the son of a liberal, syndicated radio talk show host  who was thankful for “food, his family, the government and the Pentagon.”My favorite, of course, was Kevin’s, and it went like this:

“I am thankful for books, my friends, my family, my voice, my food, markers, my brain, and toys.”

His litany of thanks is so complete, it can suit all of us. To paraphrase him, may we all be thankful for knowledge and the wisdom of the ages; for the people we love and care about who are so central to our lives;for the ability to articulate ideas and/or celebrate in song; for the abundance we are so lucky to share – especially in our country; for all of those things that make our world colorful and alive; for our own ability to create the future; and for the wonderful things that bring us enjoyment and fun.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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