“Passing” retirement

There are those days in the San Francisco Bay area that are just too perfect for words.  This time of year, the air is cool and crisp and the Bay is a deep lapis blue .  It is on these mornings as I walk my dog in the Presidio and marvel at the beauty, that I wonder why I have done such a bad job retiring.

What is wrong with slowing down and smelling the roses?(Something I always try to do, by the way, and am often disappointed by the uninspiring aromas of some varieties, but I digress.) Although I love the puppy, there are days when I wish I didn’t have to do the hour long exercise walk with her.  After all, there are conference calls to attend to, emails to send, research to do. Nonetheless, I need to make sure the puppy gets her constitutional. As much as I start out begrudging the time,  often, as I get deeper into the woods and see the Golden Gate bridge in the distance rising out of the fog or glowing in the sunlight, I think, but for the dog, I wouldn’t be here. But for the dog I wouldn’t see a wonderful sunset or a coyote in the morning mist. But for the dog I wouldn’t be able to practice my best balance beam technique on the lovely  serpentine logs of Andy Goldsworthy ‘s wonderful installation.

As such, I guess I owe the puppy some thanks, for she is helping me appreciate my world.  I may still not have a passing grade in retirement, but she is helping me understand its allure.  Maybe one day I will get there…

Lucy and and Andy Goldworthy's logs

Lucy and and Andy Goldworthy’s logs

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