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Flunking Retirement Celebrity Style

One of our holiday traditions is seeing some version of the Grateful Dead at the San Francisco Civic Auditorium.  As we watched Dead and Company this year it occurred to me that Bob Weir deserves a spot in the “Flunking Retirement” celebrity Hall of Fame.

Here you have a guy that had a tremendous reason to retire, when his Grateful Dead co-founder, Jerry Garcia died in 1995.  But the music would not be stopped and he continued  playing and touring with his own band Ratdog, The Other Ones, a group of former Dead players and then Further, a partnership with Phil Lesh, the Dead bass player.  This year during the 50th anniversary of the Dead, the players created yet another variant, Dead and Company, with younger , and some might say hipper, John Mayer at lead guitar. So at the age of 68, Bobby is going strong.

But like many other Boomers, Bobby has also parlayed his industry knowledge into an enterprise to support his passion. In 2011, he founded Tamalpais Research Institute, (TRI), a world class audio, video streaming and recording facility.  It provides the best sound experience possible and can emulate the acoustics of any music venue in the world.

“TRI was kind of built on the principle that it was going to be a fun place to be,” explains Weir on the TRI website, . “The ultimate playpen for a musician.”

So thank you, Bob for the encore career you have chosen.  It is perfect for you and all of us music lovers.

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