ReSurge International

I am honored to be the Chair of ReSurge International, where I have been a Board member for 8 years..

ReSurge International provides reconstructive surgical care for poor children and adults who lack access and builds surgical capacity in developing countries. We restore the dreams of those with deformities and injuries, and impact the world by renewing the health of thousands of children and adults each year so they can go to school, provide for their families and contribute to society.

We are unique among organizations doing medical missions in the way we train our partners around the world.  We have developed a specific curriculum of reconstructive procedures and an assessment process which is well documented in our partner database, so that we can certify the level of proficiency a given developing world doctor has with a specific surgical procedure.  It is an amazing organization!

In 2013  I went on a trip to Quang Ngai Vietnam. The ReSurge team worked with a team of Vietnamese doctors, one of whom had trained with us years before.  During one particularly difficult case where the US trip leader demonstrated a new approach, the Vietnamese partner proclaimed, ” I learned so much from you 20 years ago, but today I have learned so much more. ” By creating the next generation of reconstructive surgeons, ReSurge is changing the world.  A link to their blog is on the lower left of the site.

On a ReSurge trip in Quang Ngai

On a ReSurge trip in Quang Ngai

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