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Lessons of Surfing, a great upcoming read

My good friend and former board member is about to come out with a great book, Make your own Waves, The Surfers Rules for Innovators and Entrepreneurs.  I knew Louis was a great baseball player – he has two World Series rMakeYourOwnWaves-NewDesignings  as part of the United States  Masters team, which is the best an amateur can get – but I had no idea he surfed.  He does surf, but he isn’t great at it,  he says with self deprecation.  But his lack of expertise may be precisely  why he was able to glean such insight from the sport; experts don’t always question, because they just  know, so the outsider can sometimes be the better observer of nuance.

Writing a book is like launching a specialized  business; there is an entrepreneurial element that I did not appreciate when I wrote my first book.  As I work on this one, I am cognizant of those surfing lessons, and  many of the surfer’s rules have resonated for me.  I already knew how to swim, but rule #2, “just get wet”, may be my mantra these days.  At some level, when you are writing based on your own insight, whether a report, a speech or a book,  flow happens.  When research is added to the mix, the flow changes, since more elements are being added.  Especially when every interview turns up new insights, there is a natural tendency to keep investigating.  New insights turn into new avenues to explore, which can delay the ultimate writing process, since  I do want to be comprehensive and provocative.  But I am also impatient, so I decided to parallel process and write while I research, because the truth of the matter is I just need to get wet, to decide to get into the water and ride the waves.  I just need to write and take it from there. Surf’s up…thanks Louis…


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